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The Rundown

March 25, 2008

 Here’s the Rundown on what you’ll see, and experience right here.

Look for updates frequently, if not daily.

 What you’ll see on here:

Running a Custom Modeling Business: Building Layouts, weathering rolling stock, locomotives and buildings, and the quirks of working in the model railroad industry.

  My Weathering Projects, Techniques, and How-to’s, not to mention my E-bay projects, and what I got for them, and my reactions from other modelers, both good and bad.

 My Personal Model railroads.

My HO scale rural Southern California layout circa 1954.

My N scale Richmond Pacific Rail Corporation Layout, prototype modeling where I model the present, which is quite a challenge.

An architectural photo diary with info on buildings, some with accurate measurements, some featuring sketches, scale drawings, or even plans of real buildings.

Critique of various achievements in Industrial design, past, present, and future.

My 5″ scale double life, working on a fully operational steam-powered railroad, in 15″ gauge 5″ scale. Hopefully it will chronicle my rise to becoming a steam locomotive engineer. I want my readers to know, I’ve already mastered their diesel.

Of course, other Railroad and life related topics will surface from time to time, and keep your eyes out for those.

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