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The San Jacinto Branch-Ideas, Sketches & Plans.

March 27, 2008

Originally, for my new layout, I wasn’t sure how to approach what seemed to me an unusual space. I knew I wanted a around-the-walls modular layout. I played around with alot of different plans, here’s some sketches of Ideas I had for the layout.

This was a set of layout sketch Ideas for my new layout. The Spanish style packing house was to be a building flat as part of a branchline, shown in the little layout plan sketch I drew in the center. I almost built the trianglular trapezoid plan shown there. The city (shown below) would have been in the bottom corner, with the river at the top, and the packing house off that small area to the right that looks like a small yard. I was planning to use an Old AHM bascule bridge for the water scene, and have Walther’s Midstate Marble products be the boatworks.

The City scene would feature a grade-seperated Walther’s Art Deco Overpass, a large city classics Curtian Wall Brick warehouse, Walther’s American Hardware Supply, DPM’s Apothecary, City Classics Crafton Ave. Service station, and an obscure SS ltd. Art Deco Car dealership, shown at the far right next to the apothecary.

One of the groups to which I belong is a very exclusive railroad-related site, known as the RailYazuka. One of the founding members sent me what would eventually become my layout plan, that I modified to fit my space, and needs. It’s from the 1980 MR featuring the ATSF (Santa Fe) San Jacinto Division. It’s an actual location, located a few miles east of Riverside, and the line connects Riverside, Highgrove, Perris, Hemet, and San Jacinto in a lazy “J”  on a real map. Here’s my layout plan that I began with, and modified slightly.

Basically, I added the provision for continuous operation, added an extra track to the yard. I also rebuilt the peninsula, added a roundhouse to the turntable, and used 24″ radius curves for the corners, and free-flowing flextrack for the rest of the layout to smooth out operation.

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  1. Paul Saunders permalink
    December 3, 2010 8:48 pm

    I’ve always liked this track plan. I like how you can build it in modules, it is not to big or complicated and would be a good second model. I intend to build something similar, it will also be in HO with DCC.

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