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My Layout Statistics.

March 28, 2008

Last updated: 03/26/08

Railroad Name: TBD, current candidates: Riverside Division, San Jacinto Branch, Citrus Empire Route, Southen California Lines.

Scale: HO 1:87.1

Size: 9 x 12 feet

Target time to build: 3 years (Already taken 2).

Minimum # of operators: 1

Maximum number of operators: 5 (dispatcher, 2x Local engineers, One Switcher Crew stationed at Hemet. Perhaps a switcher stationed at High Grove. )

Theme: Railroading in Generic Southern California. Think lush rolling orange groves, like those paintings occasionally featured in old Sunset Magazines, with those beautiful mountains rising high into the backdrop, and of course the Reefer block rolling by in the foreground.

Setting: Medium sized towns, Rural.

Era: 1940 to 1955

Railroads: ATSF, SP, UP, MV&P (Mission Valley& Pacific)

Style: Modular Walk-around.

Rail Height: 49″

Aisle Width – ideal: 36”

Aisle width – typical minimum: 30”

Aisle – pinch point: 24″

Continuous run length: Not Calculated, about 50 feet.

Visible mainline run: 1-2 miles, maybe.

Minimum radius: Main – 24”, Switching – 22”, Industrial – 18”

Rail code: Code 83 – Mainline, Code 70 – switching and industrial

Parallel track spacing: Not measured, but satisfactory clearance even longest cars.

Minimum Turnouts: #6 Main, #4 Secondary and Industrial

Maximum grade: 0%

Track: Flextrack whre possible, sectional for curves to maintain curvature.

Operation: Mainline running (through freights and express passenger), Mostly Local freights, some “mixed freight daily” type trains, Transfer Runs Lots of industrial switching.

Rail served industries: 7. Two are very large, requiring 10+ cars.

Interchanges: 1 (15 – 20 car capacity)

Schematic: Four Track Interchange Yard at one end, Industrial spurs, and a short branchine at hemet, with a small 3 track yard serving a transload facility. Passing tracks in Perris and San Jacinto, with a dead end at San Jacinto with the option of having a life bridge engaged for Continouos Operation.

Staging capacity: 4 Track 30 car Interchange Yard Doubles as staging.

Manual Staging Between Sessions: Empty/fill cars that have visible loads – flats, gondolas, hoppers. Stage Reefers start in Highgrove staging, taken to Icing plant, rushed to Packing Plants, and then off layout ASAP. Locos used on First Fruit Block exchanged with second batch of reefers in the yard at Highgrove. Yard Filled with essential freight cars for op session, more added as op session progresses.  

Car movement: Beautiful Custom Waybills made by myself personalized for every car that I own.

Control: Digitrax DCC Zephyr Command Stations and Tethered Walk around DT throttles.

Train detection: Visual Train Identification System (eyes). No hidded track to worry about.

Signaling: Modeling Dark Territory (It’s a branchline) Scale Phone booths at each end of every siding.  

Turnout control: Caboose Industries Ground throws, some finger point moves until I purchase enough ground throws, but now I’m down to only a handful of non-equipped switches.

Turnout count: ~20 Atlas Customline switches. 

Diamond crossings: 0.

Control panels: Nice Shelf for my Zephyr to sit on, no CTC. Verbal Train Order Control enabled. *Talking to the necessary engineer to get train in motion.

Typical mainline train: ~12 cars, Mostly Boxcars. Reefers, open flats, gons and hoppers round out the rest when necessary. Seperate Fruit Block will operate, 12+ cars.

Train types: Reefer Block, Mixed Freight, Mixed Train w/rider or coach+caboose, Some unit merchandise trains (boxcars), and two MV&P Passenger varnish, one in each direction.

Scenery: Plywood w/sculptamold base, The usual scenicking methods too.

Buildings: Scratchbuilt “landmark” buildings. Nice plastic kits make up the rest, mostly walthers, some City Classics, DPM, Grandt Line and Rix. Lots of extra detail added, but not gratituously overdetailed. Hopefully kits replaced with scratchbuilt or kitbashed buildings in the future to add realism and reduce “Lick’s Disease”’s+disease

Preferred scenes: Rolling Orange Grove, Busy  Packing Plant, Beautiful Mission-Revival Depot, Transload Facility, Engine Terminal, Downtown Perris.

Industries: Transload Facility (23 Car capacity) Richfield Oil Distributor (2-3 cars) Agri-Empire Nursery (3-4cars) Gordian Canyon Mining& Smelting Co. (2 Cars) Midland Steel Casting (3 cars) El Camino Citrus Association (~14 cars) Del Monte Packing House (2 cars) Union Ice (9 Cars) Fuel& Sand Rack (2 Cars)

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