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The San Jacinto Branch First Operation Session.

March 29, 2008

Once trackwork was complete, I had to test it out. I set up an operations schedule, then a list of trains, and invited a few of my friends from the Niles Train Club. Here’s some photos from that event.

Due to a lack of sound-equipped locomotives on my part, I didn’t set a rigid era for this operating session. Here’s a EMD GP20 built in 1960 with a post-1972 rebuild of the 1940’s era steel caboose (Or “waycar” on the ATSF.) In the Background is the Del Monte packing house.

The GP20 is switching the small yard designed for the Transloading facility in Hemet.

The geep rounds the sharpest curve (18″) on layout, and is entering Hemet with a gondola for the Gravel Plant on the left. The Gravel silo is a cheap, but good working Bachmann operating gravel loader. I’m still expirimenting with live loads.

A Southern Pacific “commute” passes the Gulf Gas station and my first kitbash, the small diner.

The final arrangement of track in Hemet differs a lot from the original plan. I ungraded this area from a 7 car capacity (for the entire peninsula!) to a 28 car capacity, losing no scenery in the process!

Needless to say, the operation session was a pleasant success. All the trains went through, some excellent switching moves were completed, and we all had a ton of fun.

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