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The San Jacinto Branch- Tracklaying

March 29, 2008

As the tables neared completion, I went off to “The Train Shop” in Santa Clara, and brought some track. ( The Train Shop is Located at 1700 Pruneridge Ave. for those who wish to mapquest it.) Over the next month, I laid down most of the track, starting with the yard in Highgrove, depicted below.

The Yard in Highgrove doubles as a staging yard and interchange point for off-layout freight traffic. All four tracks presumably converge once again to form a double ended yard, completing the Interchange area. The other half of the yard is not modeled.

The overall view of the layout in the middle of trackwork. The yard at highgrove is on the left, Perris along the far wall, where the “Filbert” sign is. Hemet is that center peninsula, and San Jacinto is in the forground. Just left of the Level, is where the turntable sits today for the Engine Facility. Alot has changed since this photo was taken.

The Town of Perris, in it’s second version, with a nice little downtown, and the station in the foreground, with a residential area behind the commercial buildings off in the back. The Orange Mechanical Reefer is the car I used to test 90% of my trackwork.

Turntable before…

and the turntable fter installation. The Turntable mechanism bits are in the foreground, and in the pit. The Turntable was weathered realistically closely following photographs of real turntables. They are rusty, greasy, pre-EPA fodder for some great weathering!

My Atlas-Kato RS1 pulls into the station at San Jacinto. The Depot is an ATSF standard Desgin, and later in the layout’s life, it will be replaced by a Mission-Revival Style Depot, and the city to be renamed “Clementine”, after a variety of Orange grown in the town.

Early version of the Re-fueling Facilites, this area is still undeveloped as of the day this post was written. I’m waiting to do my roundhouse and servicing facility last, as a masterfully detailed project.

Overhead view of the future location of the roundhouse. Months later, I realized that I hadn’t spotted the turntable far enough away for a straight trejectory into each stalls, necessitating curved tracks going into the roundhouse.

This roundhouse was temporarily borrowed from the Niles Depot MRR club, of which I was a member. A couple of months after this photo was taken, I returned it to them, the measurements for the building were complete.

The First good view of the huge Walther’s Santa-Fe prototype (San Berdoo, Ca.) Transload facility. These transload facilities dealt with LCL (less than carload) and fragile shipments that required care or fast transfer between modes of transportation. (e.g. Train to truck.)

You can see the 14 car capacity sidings for the El Camino Citrus Association *(a real packing house BTW, it’ll be the feature of the first “Great Modelgenic buildings series, to debut on this blog soon.) The Green& Gray Harriman cars in the background show the location of the mainline on this part of the layout, just outside of Perris.

Part of an ill-fated Idea to put a scrapyard on the layout. It’s a spur off the El Camino sidings that now serves Midland Steel Casting.

First-ever view of the Richfield Oil distributor in Hemet. This area now has the benefits of  some scenery, and sharper photography.

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