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The San Jacinto Branch: Mission Revival Depot

April 4, 2008

Reinforcing the theme of a Californian Railroad, I decided that one of the main stops on my layout should have a Mission-Revival Style Depot. This style of architecture was very popular from 1910-1930 in the western states. Typically, the inspiration came from the Cathiloic Missions that lined the Californian coast. They typically featured stucco or adobe walls, spanish clay roof tiles, and a variety of wrought iron decorative bits.

In Railroad Architecture, the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe typically built these depots on the site of an older, inadequate Victorian-Era depot. Unfortunately, most Victorian-Era Depots out in California are Hideous. The California Southern, an ATSF Subsidiary was the worst offender of tacky victorian architecture..(And this comes from someone who likes victorian architecture.) Look up Elsinore, Perris, San Jacinto, Winchester (Ca.) and San Diego’s old depots for photos.

These new Mission Revival Depots were magnificent! Here’s San Diego’s Union Station:

The Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal (LAUPT) is also an excellent example. 

Anyways, I looked at a variety of smaller Mission Revival designs and decided on my own design:

These Photos show the earliest stages of the structure, before I sanded all the corners smooth.

A Mission-Style Depot without a fountain and garden is like having a 1957 chevy without the chrome, it still functions, but it doesn’t look good. So Thus, I added a small fountain and garden.




The Tiles didn’t come out as good as I’d hope, but I cut my finger attempting to scrube these @!$%# things, so I left it at that. The founain is going to get some water soon.

Now it has a tarpaper roof. It’s named Clementine for the Variety of Oranges grown in the nearby groves.

The Depot is now positioned on the module (which was formerly the San Jacinto Module) Next stop: scenery!

Before it was planted on the layout, it was part of a small module I built for photography.. The Atrium with the Wisteria is a nice touch, don’t you think so?

Here’s the Depot planted on the Layout, on display at the Pleasanton Great American Train Expo back in November 2007.


I have plans to re-build this depot to my current standard of modeling, so I can improve the look once again. I’ll need to finish the scenery on the rest of my layout before I even begin to consider that though, as it’s one of the few “completed” scenes on my layout currently.

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