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Model Railroad Graffiti Tutorial 1: Black and White.

April 6, 2008

-Opaque White Paint, My preferred Brand for Graffiti is Citidel Colors, because of their extreme opacity and good price.

-India Ink in a blotter, like Higgin’s brand from Sanford.

-Fine tipped Pen for your india ink:

-A pencil, mechanical or standard.

-(optional) For that final splash of color, try some Prismacolor colored Pencils (used for the blue in the final step) 24 pack is Ideal for Modeling needs, but you can always go for the larger amounts, but be warned, they’re EXPENSIVE.

-a fine artist’s brush

-Finally, a PHOTO of the Graffiti you wish to do!


1. Taking your PHOTOGRAPH and PENCIL, trace the outline of the letters, or designs.

2. Using your artists BRUSH  “Skull White” PAINT from the citidel colors line of paint, paint the area roughly inside your pencil outline.

3. take your INDIA INK and PEN, trace all the fine black lines around your lettering, and basically outlining the areas to fill with black paint.

4. Use your BRUSH, and “Chaos Black” PAINT and fill in the necessary areas that you outlined with your pen.

5. Taking a light blue PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCIL, adorn your work with the finishing touches.


Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, I have no affiliation with any of these companies, it’s just what I use. The Citidel paints I feel are necessary due to the lack of opacity of acryllic craft paints, or some brands of the more expensive modeler’s paints .

Please post your work here to show what you’ve done, and please let me know if this tutorial was helpful!


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  1. September 15, 2008 6:11 am

    this is very nice.check out my trains if you get a chance.thank you,have a nice day

  2. September 15, 2008 7:21 am

    Excellent work SNO! Make sure to click on his name readers! It will lead to some of his excellent work on MTH O scale NYC subway cars, a perfect scale portrayal.

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