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MV&P’s 4-4-0 #96

April 7, 2008

The Mission Valley and Pacific Railway Co. had “her” built by Lima Locomotive works in 1905 from an 1880’s design. A comperable real locomotive can be viewed here:

She’s been working faithfully for forty years on our regional railroad, and reliable has been her modus operandi, pulling strings of mixed freight most of her life, and when she was young, often she called upon as power for the Colorado Desert Flyer, the cack MV&P passenger special that runs between Phoenix and San Diego.

These photos represent what #96 looks like in 1954, well-used, but still regularly maintained. She was built with many brass fittings, notably the now tarnished boiler jacket rings, running board and brass cylinder heads. The water along the desert MV&P route is laiden with minerals, so there’s a lot of hard-water buildup on the steam dome.

The Model is a new Athearn/Roundhouse MDC 4-4-0 with MRC sound. I modified the position of the headlight to reflect a “Family Look” of all MV&P equipment. It’s been painstakingly weathered by myself, and she can pull 30+ cars around my layout.



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