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The San Jacinto Branch: Over the Summer (2007)

April 9, 2008

Over the summer, time was eaten up by various typical summer things, and therefore not much was done. What was done, is that we moved the layout to a newer, better garage from that terrible rotten drafty area with the broken windows, the collapsing roof, and the severe termite damage. With a nice, new sealed garage, substantially closer to the house, I was able to have the clean, pleasant work and railroad layout are I’d always dreamed of, heck, it even had overhead lighting! Fortunately for the other members of our household, all my projects are now contained inside the warmest room in the house, the Garage. No more athearn freight cars parts on the dining room table or boxcars floating around the house like they’re in “pool” service. “Next Load-Any Shelf!”

Thanks to the more appealing work area, I found more reasons to go into my area to progress further with the layout. Work began as soon as the modules were connected again.

The second temporary depot at Perris ( A walther’s Golden Valley Depot I got for $5.) will serve the community until I scratchbuild a more interesting depot, of which I’ll describe later.

This is the depot I hope to replace the Golden Valley buildings with. It’ll be a real pain to hand-carve ALL those bricks (Brick sheet is out of the question due to the complexity of the brickwork) out of hyrdocal, but I’m willing to attempt it.

NEXT scenery started starting in the mountain pass at box springs, not a pun of Art Curren-esque proportions, but an actual location. Look up Box Springs Nature Reserve, which is located southeast of Riverside, Ca. 

This obviously is NOT the world’s best photo of the Canyon, but it’s the only available photo I have of the area at this state. No, I don’t just scenic directly over the Plaster cloth, I’ll describe my method of scenery creation in a future post.

Another 1970’s era Rivarossi locomotive, that’s mainly for show, It doesn’t run well at all. I mainly like small steam locomotives, and in a photograph, does it really matter if it’s operational or not? This is Gordian Canyon Copper Mining Corp’s #5. It’s weathered just like the MV&P #96, but more heavily faded as the GCCM doesn’t have the cash to afford a good engine house for it’s equipment. I’ll also describe the Gordian Canyon Copper corp, and it’s railroad ops at a later date.

Overall completed work. It’s now September.

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