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The San Jacinto Branch: The Canyon

April 9, 2008

About a week into October, I started scenery work in the Canyon. The layer of dyed SCUPTAMOLD went on over the plaster, and then a layer of Decomposed Granite, which the guy at the landscape supply store let me have for free. It’s been carefully sifted into three Grades of granite: Fine (dirt layer) medium (rock-sized in HO think Woodland Scenic’s “Medium Talus”, and huge, which are rocks too large to use. The fine layer is sprinkined on using a kitchen sive, and ESSENTIAL modeling tool.  Next comes the large rocks, mostly young sandstone, then the rock-sized granite and finally, the scenic layer.

Here’s one the first half of the Aerial shot of the area when I finished the preliminary rockwork. There’s some areas I obviously missed, and they’ll be dealt with when I go in with some scenery.  

The sive is in the bottom right for those who are interested. I’m still working on the rockwork on the bottom hill, as you can see. There’s been a small landslide, and Earthmovers Co. (from the Bear Creek and South Jackson Railroad universe)  is cleaning up the mess. Note the retaining wall.

Here’s my TEMPORARY absolutely horrible looking retaining wall, it has sense been replaced by a much more pleasing (and structurally sound) wall, I’ll show some photos of that in the Scenery post.

A closeup of some of the first rockwork. The rocks will be integrated into the secery more, and it’ll look more natural soon.

Taken from HO scale human height , looking down over the collapsed tunnel that once connected the Gordian Canyon Copper Corp with its #2 mine (which has since been connected to again, but by conveyor belt) You can see my Boxcab pulling a “modern” bobber caboose, built from a wrecked ATSF caboose. It’s now part of the work train, and is sometimes seen on locals.


With Still a lot of work to do in the Canyon, please stay tuned for more progress from this area. There’s tons more to the saga of the San Jacinto Branch, and I hope you enjoy this series.

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