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Personalized Waybills

April 10, 2008

While searching around for a robust waybill I could use for my operations, I came across an excellent Idea: Personalized Waybills.

What Makes them different from the normal waybill?

-They’re slightly Wider

-They’re Full-Color

-They feature the correct color of the car being switched for easy reference, and feature the logo and the reporting mark or railroad that used it IN THE FONT of that railroad.

Yes, it was quite time-consuming, but I think it was an excellent Idea.   

-No more fumbling around reading poorly hand-written waybills!

-Color coordination makes for easy mental reference.

-They’re nice looking.

Here’s an example of a waybill YOU can play around with:

Standard White Waybill, Standard Black below:

This one below is for a Proto 2000 Cotton Belt Flatcar, feel free to use any of these for your railroad.

Next is an example of one with flexible numbering. I have a fairly large fleet of SFRD cas, and as opposed to making 50 SFRD files on my computer, I’ll add the numbers neatly by hand, or make stickers and put ’em on there.

Have one with a mulit-colored or unique paintjob? add it to the waybill! The two below that illustrate this.


Finally, a pretty typical waybill, logo, with a regular looking reporting mark.

I hope you find these helpful.

I have 56 different waybills for 56 different kinds of cars (omitting duplicates like PFE and SFRD reefers and such)

I think this is a great Idea for the small layout and shelf layout operators, I think it’d get overwhelming after 75 cars, but comment in this entry if you want more, because I have plenty to share.


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  1. Paul Saunders permalink
    November 22, 2010 10:06 am

    That is a very good idea, I will try it myself.

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