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An N Scale Downtown

April 12, 2008

Note to my readers: Two new Catagories- “N scale” and “Business” Business pertains to my Custom Modeling Business. You can contact me directly on

These N scale Design Preservation ( DPM ) buildings are excellent, if difficult to paint kits. These were built for my Second Client, back in April of 2007. He wanted them to be extra-ordinary, and I think I achieved that using additional details, such as etched-brass fire escapes and period advertising, and of course, detailed, lighted interiors.

The largest commercial building completed to date from his comission was DPM’s Welhelm’s Merchantile, seen here in dramatic night lighting.

A dramatic night scene showing Wilhelm’s Merchantile. The thin windowshades of the era are portrayed on some of the (purposely) more dimly lit uper floors.

A scene inside of the woman with the yellow dress awaiting the cashier afer having just rang for service seem to me like an Edward Hopper Painting, doesn’t it seem that way to you?

Another Edward Hopper Inspired night scene, the N scale lady fishes around in her purse for her weekly pacheck to be cashed at this bank, inside a DPM “crestone credit union” kit. The Interior kits are from a company called Tobias Locomotive Works.

The Wellfield Cafe at sunset. The Rich detailing of these DPM kits really shines with realistic photography.

Haye’s Hardware gets a good dose of realism with a new fire escape and boarded up first floor windowns.

Have ME commission some richly detailed models like these for you! Contact me directly via my eBay profile “the_weathering_man” or e-mail me at ” the(at)weatheringman(dot)com ” remember to replace at with a “@” and dot with a “.”



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