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The San Jacinto Branch: Scenery Spreads East!

April 13, 2008

To test out some new scenery, I decided to move railroad “east” and begin to scenic the area adjacent to the mountains, the rolling orange groves. I started by plotting out the basic area for the grove, and all the structures that would go on this module.

I wanted a gas station somewhere on the layout, and I thought this would be an excellent, uncluttered area to place it.

Another view showing the orange gove, some mess, and the mountains in the background. In the foreground a farmhouse, chicken coop, toolshed.

However, the IHC gas station featured incredibly LAME detail, so…

I demolished it!

I want you to know, you readers out there thinking “Oh no! he’s destroying a nice model!……”

The darn thing had 35+ year old plastic that was more brittle than an eggshell! 😦

So, it was loaded into a gondola, and hauled away.

Of course, with a bit of modification, the basic look and archictecture of the IHC gas station was actually pretty attractive, so thanks to Evergreen Styrene and some Grandt Line windows, it comes to life as a newer, sturdier, better building.

Of which I think the Gas Station Turned out pretty nicely! What do you think?

More Details, and some requisite touching up of the paint is in order. I think it could also use some Tidewater Associated Oil signs too.

Of course, in the middle of this story it was hard not to notice my (stand-in only) grove of light green trees. They’ll be replaced by nicer looking, more accurate orange trees as time premits.

These cars were done on comission from another client of mine, the BNSF pink graffiti car will be featured in another feature on weathering soon.

The BNSF car is actually based on a real car that looked almost exactly like this one. The road is .60 styrene sheet BTW, cut 25 scale feet wide, sprayed with black autoprimer.




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