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April 16, 2008

Spending a lot of time in one location , you can really get a feel for great places to take photographs, along the line. Here are a few of the plethora of photos I’ll eventually share with you, my readers.


Like something out of a warm summer memory from over a century ago, we look out on the branchline that connects the Roundhouse and Carbarn to the Mainline, up a gentle grade and on a curve that follows a ravine.

From just a few steps away, you can witness the #11 trundling over one of three bridges along the Mainline.

A dense fog blankets the ridge that the RVRY is built on in Mid-June, causeing this etherial scene at our “armstrong” wooden Gallows-Style turntable. To see a similar Narrow Gauge Turntable, see this photo of one on the SP’s Keeler Branch, a 3′ gauge “railroad to nowhere” 

As a further side note, If you want to learn more about the SP Keeler Branch, check out this excellent .pdf file of their history: 

A Redwood Valley Caboose and Livestock cars, known as “high cars” by the crew, rounds the front loop on it’s way to the terminal at Army Camp. (The railroad was build on ex-Military land that once had 90mm AA gun batteries during WWII.) The Caboose is based on a DRGW narrowgauge prototype, and features a FULL interior.

NOTE: If you really like these photos and wish to use for commercial or other purposes, PLEASE contact me and ask permission. to contact me, please e-mail a request to “the(At)weatheringman(dot)com” Thank you.

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