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Scale, Gauge, and Porportion.

April 18, 2008

Three vastly different concepts that need to work together to produce a beautiful miniature object. 

I can make this a multi-part series if you leave a comment saying that you’d like to see a more in-depth version of this post, but otherwise, let’s compare these two locomotives.

This is an excellent example of an “Overfair Railway” 4-6-2 That’s 19″ gauge 4-6-2.
Suberb engineering, and built by the Southern Pacific Shops there in Sacramento, only problem: It’s ugly, and out of porportion. The Running Gear& Frame are works of art. They spoiled the porportional necessity of this 19″ gauge 4-6-2 by adding:

-A headlight that’s too small

-A tender that’s 10% too small

-A cab that’s 25% too big.

-A horrible “Wagon-top” tapered boiler (which is unnecessary for a locomotive of this size anyway)

-You’d think that someone would have said something, or built it to adhere to a specific SCALE, but it seems to have been ignored after he designed the Running Gear.

-The ungainly proportions of this locomotive really detract from the overall beauty of something so mechanically fascinating.

Although this is the largest of the RVRy’s equipment, this 2-6-2 shows the benefit of a well-porportioned miniature. This isn’t even the best-porportioned of locomotives on the roster either.

-The Drivers are realistically small for the Drag-Freight she’ll be pulling.

-The Cab is will within realistic 3′ Narrow Gauge porportional specifications.

-Her USRA-esque tender has scale rivets, and attractive lines for a steel tender.

-The domes, Stack, and headlight all work together coherently to produce an accurate illusion of scale. They all work together to even out the porportion of this 15″ gauge 5″ scale locomotive.


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