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Derailment! Jack London Square, April 19 2008.

April 23, 2008

Here’s what happened: Basically, there’s a derail that protects the CTC’d double track mainline, the closest track that I labeled is actually a siding that is about 5 miles long that starts at west Oakland yard and ends at Fruitvale ave. where it becomes a single track mainline heading south toward San jose.

UPY 1484 was switching out the yard lead in west oakland, but apparently the engineer didn’t apply the brakes in time, and the front truck came off the rails.

The Red Arrows point to where the locomotive came off the rails, nothing spectacular, but not easy to fix either.

The Derail prevents the UP yard switching crews from going out into the main, which os often occupied by AMRTAK Capitol Corridor trains, over 30 a day.

This UP mixed freight, probably RSJV, crept by moments later on a slow order from Omaha.


Of course, I had to go for an artsy shot. Awhile later a small fleet of UP maintenece trucks were on the scene, and it was presumably back on the rails in 7 hours. (From 12:00 noon to 7pm.) 


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