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When Model Railroading collides with Art..Head On!

April 25, 2008

This link caught me off guard. I didn’t realize that it’d be so different from the normal reality we expect at least a shred of from the average model railroad. Instead this exibit takes you on a fantastic, whimsical, enlightening, scary, and rather trippy expirence in which the only constant is the O scale USRA 2-8-2 and Three Passenger cars, guided by three rail O scale K-Line Fastracks. This poor passenger extra has to traverse fields of broken glass, inflating “clouds” made from plastic bags and dryer ductwork, hills made from paper letters, 3D etherial plastic shapes, a mountain range of lady’s breats (yes I mean that!), a city of small dimensional lumber and canyons of old teddy bears. This is just another example of installation art, a popular recent trend in art where the piece is made in the gallery, and is dismantled after the conclusion of the show, and rarely, if ever seen again afterwards.

From The DeCordova Exibitions Website:
[The] “DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park will transform the 3500 square-foot Joyce and Edward Linde Gallery with Trainscape: Installation Art for Model Railroads. For this show, twelve New England artists/artist teams have been invited to create new works of installation art—miniature worlds traversed and connected by a fully operational O-scale model railroad! The fourteen emerging and established New England artists who rose to this challenge have produced a spectacular array of fully-imagined worlds that involve a wide range of issues, including history, poetry, philosophy, geography, abstraction, figuration, scale, architecture, and humor. Trainscape is a celebration of unbridled creativity, not an attempt to represent reality at a miniature scale as in traditional model railroading. ” 


This was link found on another modeler’s blog “Learning Strategies” 

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