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Best Online Photographic References #1- Early Color & B/W

April 26, 2008

These aren’t in any particular order, I suggest you check them all out if you have the time. I warn you; a couple of these sites will make hours disappear in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful.

Robert Morris’ Photographic Collection

-Extensive collection of SP, ATSF and Shortline photos from 1930-today.

Suprisingly extensive (click around you’ll find A LOT!) collection of Western Railroad subjects from teakettle steamers to the comfort cabs 6-axle diesels of today. Lots of excellent “roster shots” of obscure shortline power, perfect fodder for those of the beaten path oriented railroad modeling projects!

The Library of Congress Photostream

The Best of Jack Delano’s Railroad color photos are HERE…

…among a bunch of other interesting photos. Lots of ATSF Jack Delano photos, a couple of a Hullet Ore Unloader, and a few other subjects.


Packing Houses and Other Structures in Southern California

-Citrus Industry’s biggest internet resource, Plus RR subjects from 1900-Today

A gift bestowed to the internet by James Lancaster, this EXTENSIVE site chronicles the rise and fall of the citrus industry packing house by packing house(!) and provides a rich photographic and textual reference for the model railroader. Visit it if only for that stunning photo of the magnificent orange grove on the front page.


The Charles W. Cushman Photographic Collection

-Thousands of COLOR photographs of Life, Railroads from the 1930’s-1970

I had to look through all 20 pages of his railroad photos, and they are impressive. He had a thing for bridges. It looks like he was a photographer who covered the 1940 Railroad fair in Chicago too. WP in Feather River canyon, Bay Area Subjects, Mexican Railroads (N de M and FCM), Monolith Cement and Cajon pass in 1953, The Mc Cloud River RR in 1954, The midwest post war, DRGW royal gorge, Harper’s Ferry in 1940, the PRR in 1941, and those are just a handful among MANY other myriad of subjects.

The Main entrance:

His Railroad Photos:


The Clark Kinsey Photographic Archive

– Logging Railroads, Lumber Mills, and related industry (1914-45)

For those who haven’t discovered this wonderful links, please check it out, I was mesmerized for a few hours looking at all these excellent photographs by the late Clark Kinsey, Chronicled in this extensive archive.



Like Art Deco Architecture, Style, Art, Cars or Products? Look No further.


The Label Man

-If you like the beautiful, idealistic art of old packing house crate labels..

 ..this extensive site is for you! Fully searchable HUGE database of most of the crate labels of any kind of produce from yesterday. Apples, Oranges, and Lemons have the best artwork.


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