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The Niles Club Layout: Part 2- The Locomotives

April 27, 2008

The Niles club was a good place to see some interesting locomotives if one visited on the right day. Sure, you’d see some BNSF train of Nick’s trundling around the layout, with half the consist “screaming” that ear-splitting unfiltered DCC sound that emanates from locomotives who are running on a layout sans decoder.

Most, if not all of us were guilty of that at one time or another, however, each and every one of us managed to remedy this noise with the subsequent purchase of a bucket load of decoders when we all had a few extra bucks to burn.

Of course you could do one better by either buying a locomotive with SOUND or buying a decoder and having it installed by someone, or doing it yourself.

When the beginning of quality sound occurred in 2003 with the release of the QSI decoder, the layout transformed instantly from a quietly humming and clicking operation to a cacophony of endless bottled steam, diesel, and even electric locomotive sounds on occasion.

I present to you a scrapbook of interesting locomotives and consists:

An ancient WOODEN version of the famous “oscar & piker” cars, presumably a silver streak kit, visits the layout after traveling around the world MULTIPLE times, including the set of the West Wing! See it’s journey here: 

Next to the world-famous car is my first brass heap-er-locomotive, a equally ancient ATSF 1950 class 2-8-0, the most numerous produced Brass locomotive ever built. I suppose you could call it the “least rare”, but in any case, I had a friend, Alan Kilby, add tsunami sound to it. Alan, Brian, or Nick if you’re reading this, please contact me asap at “the(at)weatheringman(dot)com”

Mike Nelson’s Doodlebug kitbash was most memorable! It’s remenicent of the old SP “blimp” electric cars, but it’s diesel powered.

Nick (center) and Rick Zem (left) look on as we try to max out the Digitrax command by placing 14 locomotives in one “block”  or section of mainline. IRIC, 4 were sound equipped too!

EIGHT(!!) WP GP9’s & GP20’s cross our only spectacular bridge. Scenery was an on-going pastime until the end.

Keldrick Randolph’s Amtrak P42’s lead an AMTK consist out of a tunnel on the “low line”

Big fish in a small pond: an AHM 4-6-6-4 Challenger sits in a pitifully small AHM single stall engine shed near the refinery.

Brian’s SD35 blasts out of a tunnel heading across the low line. Two of four units in this consist were sound equipped. Believe me, after a day of hearing a bottled EMD 645 turbocharger whine, I remembered why I model Steam and non-turbo’ed Geeps and F’s. Though that’s not to say that Atlas didn’t do an absolutely AMAZING job on the sound unit for thiese units.

Imagine hearing this for 6 hours: 



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  1. July 21, 2008 11:55 pm

    I love that cool photo of Amtrak! Wondered if you could email a photo of it with an extra copy. What scale is that from, N, Z, HO, or whatever scale that I can think of. I feel like traveling already do you? “NEXT STOP TO DALLAS TEXAS”, says the Train Conductor!

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