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Scale Gas Station Drawings

April 30, 2008

My first scale drawing I submit to this site was drawn yesterday. It’s a typical gas station that was common from 1915-1965, with a few still in operation today. Some have also survived on as muffler and smog places, some even as florists and garden centers.  



Materials: (For HO Gas Station)

3 Grandt line #5031 36″X64″ twelve pane windoes

1 Grandt line #5242 6 pane horizontal window (Bathroom window)

2 Grandt Line #5021 5 Panel wooden door

Evergreen Styrene Clapboard Siding

JL Innovative design Gas Pumps (I used TYDOL & Tide Water Associated Oil co. pumps)  ,- Link to the page on which you can find them all in one place

Various pieces to stripwood, for ceiling detail in the covered car port and two wooden posts which hold up the portico.

You can frame the corners either with “L” shaped styrene shapes, small square woden or styrene posts at the corners, or somthing of your own design.




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