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Modeling and the Green Revolution.

May 1, 2008






We see it almost everyday. Another company goes green, zero carbon emissions, wildlife refuges, recycling. No doubt in my mind that this is an excellent thing, however think of this:

-The Average model locomotive is made from mostly VERY high grade plastics.

-Turned Brass Flywheels are milled from what has to be fairly large brass stock.

– Millions of scale miles of Nickle-Silver Track, sitting on high-grade plastic ties.

-Styrene buildings, wrapped in plastic are sold to consumers.

-Millions of scale metal wheelsets crafted from high-grade metal alloys

-Brass detail parts and locomotives are made from the obvious.

-Usually High-Grade wood and non-Biogradable Pink n’ Blue Styrofoam is utilized for benchwork.

-Thousands of tons of non-biodegradable foam used for scenery.

-Toxic Resins, Adhesives, and Paints are cornerstones of our hobby.  

-Scale stripwood made from the nicest wood from coming from some rare trees. (not all, of course) 

-80 years of glossy magazines geared toward us, and all that paper, ink, and metal staples.

-The Consumption of these resources for a non-life sustaining activity is significant, but obviously nothing big to worry about. I don’t intend anybody to spend any less or consume any less on MRR’ing, but I just hope it provokes some thought.

If nothing else this hobby has shown that we have the deep pockets to buy quality products! 🙂  That’s always good.

Please comment! I’d love to hear your views on this!!

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  1. Tim Robinson permalink
    October 9, 2008 11:21 pm

    Not a comment on a particular article, but have you done anything on benchwork? If so, I haven’t been able to find it on this site. My layout space can accommodate 6′ x 24″ and a leg added at right angles to one end of that of 42″ x 24″. Not building huge mountains, just rural industry, so weight is not a concern. The 42″ x 24″ section must be separable should I ever decide to move. Just how heavy should my verticals be? Would a pair of 1×2’s screwed at 90 degrees to each other be sufficient for each corner?

    An article about building benchwork would be very helpful to us noobs.


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