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Prototype Modeling in…LEGO scale?

May 4, 2008

Yes, that’s right! LEGO scale is somewhere between 1/20 and 1/30 depending on what height you judge the size of the LEGO minifigures to be. Very popular at Train shows all around the country and the world, these clubs have some pretty impressive structures and scenery. The Bay Area branch of this operation has a pretty good setup, which is assembled on site just hours before the show starts on Saturday Morning, and Dismantled Sunday night.

These impressive Mansard-Roofed buildings comprise a portion of a typical LEGO downtown. Notice the Modular Street sections and custom build street lights. ALL that you see before you was built with thousands of little LEGO bricks.

Wow. A Southern Pacific AC0class Cab forward made from nothing but LEGO’s! It’s more than two feet long, and fully operational. Notice the red LEGO General Electric C-44-9W in the background.

A closeup of the AC-12 cab forward reveals the blind drivers, and the power units disguised as the pilot truck of this behemoth. The Large Oil burning tender is indeed a nice touch.

This interesting string of Reefers was “scratch blocked” by a member of the club.


What the LEGO group lacks in perfect prototype fidelity, they make up in sheer tenacity and ingenuity. Their bridges made from LEGO Technic (R) Pieces are the highlight of most of these layouts.

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