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Railroad Comercials

May 9, 2008

Although I really cannot see the direct impact upon the populace for railroad commercials, it’s nice to see that they exist. Why can’t I see the impact?

-Outside of telling the public what your vegetables, toys, and furniture had to go through to get to your local store, it really doesn’t make much sense.

-Most people who deal with the railroad (mostly industries) already know about how to ship, what railroad to use, etc.

-It seems that most ad agencies have been having problems portraying the railroads. The Santa Fe ad with the kid, the trainset, and the dad is kinda clunky in it’s portrayal of railroading and how it interacts with you.

-You cannot go to the store and demand that your lettuce come by rail in a Union Pacific ARMN reefer, or have your furniture and priceless collection of fragile objects come in a hydra-cushion boxcar, so why would the public care?

Here’s a few ads.

Some are campy, some are so-so, and a few, like the NS ad, are just AWESOME.


“realistic” amtrak

The Original Version of the spoof above:

ATSF in the 1970’s

Danish railways







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