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The Loop.

May 15, 2008

Let me be probably the millionth person who has said this, but: “Wow, the Tehachapi Loop is SPECTACULAR!” There’s excellent scenery, trains very frequently, and good mountain style railroading as a 3000 ton train armed with helpers fights its way upgrade, then brakes all the way down to Mojave or Bakersfield. It’s really exciting to see trains snake their way through the loop, it’s a railfan’s paradise.

A BNSF Container train begins entering the loop.

Looking through the container well cars, the lead locomotives round the loop next to the famous loop ranch. The Train will soon enter the tunnel.

A Union Pacific Mixed Freight enters the loop after fighting upgrade from Mojave.

Approaching the Loop is the train that followed us up from Bakersfield, Caliente and Bealville.

The Red Arrows map out the path of the tracks throught the loop. The arrow ending in the center of the photo enters “Tunnel 9” and proceeds downgrade.

Here is the middle of the loop, the tracks begin looping downgrade, finally going through “tunnel 9” before continuing down to Bakersfield.


I came across this unusual plaque which is a memorial to a horrific wreck in San Bernardino that claimed 4 lives, and injured dozens. Read the full story here:

One wonders why the words “Cross” “Memory” and “Employees” are so eroded ompared to the rest of the tragic message. I also wonder if the strange shape of the twisted rails coorelates to the wreck site.

Even more Info here: 

It looks like the Mother and Daughter are looking and comtemplating the meaning of the cross on the hill, or perhaps they already know.

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