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Small Layout Plan: The Midland Industrial District.

May 25, 2008

The Main idea of the Midland Industrial District is that at one end, there’s a large Walther’s Freight transfer terminal. The car capacity for just that building is close to 12-15 cars. Heading south is a bulk oil dealer, or on modern layouts, it could be a plastic pellet manufacturer. The Large overhead crane pictured halfway down the layout on the lower left would serve some sort of light Industrial application, like a landscape supply place that carries marble or lumber products for decking. The two buildings below the overhead crane could be related to the landscape supply or it could be seperate. On this layout, I designed it to serve a pre-home depot building supply place, but it could be used for any industry you desire.   

The Layout would feature cassette style staging, alowing cars to be repositioned or slid into place to get them where you need them.

I also planned an optional run-around track as part of the bulk oil dealer.

The tracks imbedded in the truck loading bays are a great way to add flexibility, and still have rail access to the bulk oil dealer.

The Overhead crane isn’t overhanging any of the track, it’s mostly just for looks. You could replace the overhead crane with a nicely sized industrial building instead, if you wish.

The spacious yard (for a small layout that is) needed for the freight transfer building adds a lot of operation in a small space. It’s also a great place to take photographs.


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