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Modelgenic Builings #2 – Small Residential & Commercial Sheds

May 30, 2008

There’s a space and a need on almost every layout for at least one of these buildings, loaded with character. If you want to see any of these buildings in real life, all of them are in California, mostly Point Reyes Station, Ca. Point Reyes station is located here:,HPIA:2006-29,HPIA:en&q=Point+Reyes+Station,+CA,+USA&um=1&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=image 

This building looks like it was a auto repair place or a carriage house. Look at the interesting details like the old lamp above the door, the intricate carved wood entrance and 1870’s era door. The single, large shutter suggests that it indeed gets a bit intense in the winter. The Mix of shingles and brick makes for an attractive combination, and it has a tin roof to boot!

Note the cables holding up the overhang above the wooden carriage doors. The planter box would be a nice scale addition with silflor grass tufts.

Note the sooty, weathered streak on the bricks below the chimney and large wooden sliding door on the far end of the building. The Roof vent is also a very interesting touch. This building is obviously located on THIRD and E streets in Point Reyes Station, Ca.


This severly dilapidated shed was interesting, look at the curled up metal sheets, I wonder what caused that? Also note the collapsed front wall. Located in Fremont, Ca.


This beautiful stucco mission revival style building was once a hair salon, and judging by the ghosted sign on the wall, it used to be a Cafe too. Now it’s a house. Fremont, Ca.

A board-and-batten tool shed. It’s quite old, and the weathering is interesting too. What’s puzzling is that it’s built with a lean-to style slanted roof, but there isn’t any sign of another structure ever being there.

Look at the awesome cast iron door sliders on this garage door, and the attracive method that was used to build this garage, this would be an excellent garage or small machine shop for any model railroad.

Typical “Flivver Shack” type of garage. I really doubt you’d be able to fit anything larger than a model T or Model A inside this little garage.

This has to be the oddest greenhouse you’ve ever seen. The back, shown here is the more interesting half of the building, the front has just a basic framed wall with plastic sheet making “windows” and a solid old victorian door for entry. The “no parking” sign is a nice touch, as is the missing roof iron sheet.

Saving the best for last, this tiny little store in Point Reyes features a classic false-front typical of the 1880’s, with wooden framed corrugated iron walls and roof! Notice the wall brace make from what looks to be an old telephone pole.


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