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Layout Tour: N Scale Bay Area Layout.

June 17, 2008

The First stop on our layout tour is this astounding N scale layout, based on plenty of actual locations and real industries painstakingly kitbashed into suprisingly accurate replicas. This awesome layout is veyr representative of what a great basement sized N scale layout should be. Not a mess of spaghetti, but a true respresentation of a “slice of the earth” with vast scenic urban and rural features harmoniously combined to form an impressive overall layout. When you’re walking next to the layout, you can’t help to feel as if you’re flying in a private plane over real scenery, it’s that good.

Long Freights can wind their way around the double-tracked loop, which isn’t based on the Techachapi Loop, but more of a freelanced design reminicent of Cuesta Grade in San Luis Obispo. The large gravel company is slowly removing the gravel from this hill.  

This excellent TOFC ramp scene is a lot like Bob Shamus’ HO layout. Note the thin layer of asphalt over the much older cobblestone, and the paved over tracks. 30 years ago (probably 1925) this was probably a bustling LCL terminal with trucks and horse carts weaving between boxcars, gons and flats. Notice the very nicely kitbashed PMT “Daylight” trailers and the collection of PMT trucks ready to offload trailers “circus” style from the flatcars.

Pacific Galvanizing is a landmark industry located in Oakland, Ca. It’s pretty close to the actual building, and very nicely detailed with a full interior under the awning.


Frazier Depot is a familar SP designed depot, circa 1910. It’s a very attractive little depot with Mission-Revival touches.

This Group of homes was just to the left of the Frazier Depot.

An attractive packing house  serves the local produce industry. Appears to be scratchbuilt from wood.

Ah, rolling green Northern California pastures! The large coastal live oak is an especially nice touch and really gives a strong sense of locale.

This barn is presumable modeled after a real barn along the SP R.O.W. in Altamont Pass.

This awesome early 1940’s peterbilt sitting next to the Aermotor is an Altamont Pass landmark. It still sits there, rusting away today.


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