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The San Jacinto Branch: Second Street

July 12, 2008

Second Street begins to take shape. In our last article covering the San Jacinto Branch, we talked about the residential neighborhood on the far side of the tracks, on the close side of the tracks is the outskirts of downtown San Sebastian. It features local essential neighborhood services, like a corner market, an auto mechanic, a brand-new hardware store (they’re moving in right now, as you can see) and a local staple, the neighborhood butcher, with some of the best meat in town.


 This area was a big experiment, utilising a variety of new materials. The street was conveniently wide ant-slip tape, used on boats. It has a texture similar to scale asphalt, and is easy to paint whatever color you desire. It has a strong self-adhesive backing that works well. I haven’t tried it for roads that curve, nor have I had to try hiding seams as I use such short sections. You can find this material at most well-stocked hardware stores, on a roll (it’s sold by the foot) and it’s manufactured in clear and white. (I used the clear, since it was the widest.) In HO scale you can make a 4-car wide street, which averages out to a normal residential/low density commercial street with 2 lanes and parking on either side of the street.

The owner of the Hardware store unloads his pickup with more new items for his brand-new store.




(Editor’s Note: It looks as if WordPress is messing with the photo posting options…sorry for the technical problems.

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