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Beautiful 3D CAD Rendering of MY Gas Station Plans.

July 24, 2008

Came as quite a surprise, when I was linked to a TurboCad Forum a couple days ago, I discovered a 3D rendering of The Classic Walther’s ADM Concrete Grain Elevator (To be featured next) based entirely on a photo from my website. After contacting the 3D artist, I was even more pleasantly surprised when not two days later, he posted THIS!

Beautiful Old Texaco Gas Station, Rendered in TurboCAD

Based on my Published plans for my 1920’s era Gas station, he added the flair of a classic TEXACO gas station of the 1940’s!

Nearly every detail was captured flawlessly, from the multi-paneled doors, to the strikingly beautiful gas pumps. He even captured the beauty of a nicely shingled roof. His artistic addition was the illuminated TEXACO drum head hanging above the awning, an excellent and attractive touch.

Link to the Scale drawings:

Mr. Cheke has an impressive website, of which one can can quickly spend a lot of time exploring. Visit it here at His robust 3D artistry is surely eye-catching!

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