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Riverside Cement, Victorville, Calif.

August 4, 2008

It was a fascinating structure as it appeared in the distance as the sun began to set. The thousand points of light twinkling in the desert dusk, looking like a spaceship from close encounters of the third kind, the tall towers crowded with pipes, railings and metal truss supports beginning to become silhouettes against the dusty desert sky. A large metal building rushed by, the main structure for the Riverside Cement Co. a multi-story corrugated metal and concete behmoth. The nice detail of the raised letters and logo set it in the modern context. We slowed down when we spotted the most unusual portion of this facility, a locomotive belonging to the cement plant in Bangor and Aroostook colors. It caught us by surprise. We jumped out of the car and walked on what looked like the surface of the moon. Cement powder, downwind of the plant blanketed the desert earth, which over the years has hardened by the ocassional rain and always baking sun. Barely any plants lived in this concrete mix, dead brush told the story. We approached the B&A locomotive, but kept ourselves a considerable distance away from it just for safety reasons. We took our photographs and headed back to the car, where I snapped the closeup of the moonscape. The BNSF mainline to Barstow is shown in the background.

Riverside Cement in Victorville

This modelgenic main structure of the Riverside Cement Co. is the largest building visible from the highway.

Overall View
This Overall view of the plant in the setting sun would make a nice background for a model railroad. If you want the larger version of any of these photographs, don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

B&A locomotive
Bangor and Aroostook GP-38-2 #362 sits on at the end of the small yard in the cement plant. We took this with a telephoto lens.

Here’s the photo of the surreal “moonscape” concrete powder earth (which was quite hard where we were standing.) Route 66 is behind the moonscape, and the BNSF mainline is behind that.

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