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Never Be Afraid To Re-Model Your Layout.

August 24, 2008






I mean it. If there’s anything that you’re not 110% satisfied with on your layout, replace it. Sometimes it will be a cheap fix, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes is a small area, sometimes it’s a huge area. Whatever problem you have with it, don’t just sit there and hope it will look better the more you stare at it.

I know when I kept staring at my farm corner, it was a lumpy mess that lacked character. The elements of an attractive scene were there, but they weren’t in the right place. The Farm module is being overhauled even though it’s some of the newest scenery on the layout.

To see what I did before, check out this entry: 


This new building inspired me to create a completely new scene after realizing that I had absoutely no room for this tiny stucture, something had to go. It was too small for downtown, and didn’t fit in well with the surburban commercial district either. I needed to be the centerpiece of a completely new scene:

  cafe and bar

Well before scenery was finalized, I had this:

the beginning of new scenery

Using the florist foam to get an idea for elevation, I changed up the position of the barn, mission style cafe/bar diner, farm house and outbuildings to make it look attractive.

Next, the layer of dirt..
Next, a layer of plaster gauze, a layer of sculptamold mixed with brown paint, then dirt (decomposed granite from a building supply store) making it look like a scene from the dust bowl!

green layer
Next, all the flora was planted. Still have to put the finishing touches on the landscaping though.

Stand of trees
Since the farmhouse doesn’t have air-conditioning, the farmer was smart enough to plant some fast-growing trees 30 years ago, and now they’re paying dividends. I kept the stand of trees as diverse as I could to add visual interest.

old backyard
I did have this little patio out back, but as you’ll see in my next post, it was changed in favor of a more eyecatching addition to the house..STAY TUNED!

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