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2008 Western Prototype Moders WPM convention Photos

September 11, 2008

Although I didn’t attend the WPM, I always keep close watch on what’s going on at the WPM each year by looking through photos that were taken by other individuals. Feel free to look through all of these photos, and remember that everybody takes photos of different things, so no two albums of the same convention are the same.

David Hussey’s Photo Album of WPM 2008

Robert Forsstrom’s Photo Album of WPM 2008


The Real Shock was to see one of My Models there..even though I wasn’t in attendance.

BN covered Hopper

One of the Tangent Scale Model’s Burlington Northern PS2 covered hoppers I did for a client couple of months ago was proudly displayed at the WPM. I was clicking through photos and I saw a nicely weathered BN hopper, and I thought, “Hmm, that’s a really nice covered hopper, I wonder who did that….wait a minute!” A quick check through my own photo archives confirmed that in fact, it WAS my BN covered hopper. Glad to see one of my models proudly displayed amongst the crowd of ultimate rivet counters and an avalanche of beautiful models, all strictly based on actual prototypes.  The BN hopper is no exception.

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