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The Bachmann 0-6-0T Weathered

September 20, 2008


This Bachmann locomotive, although produced from a one-off prototype for an eastern industrial company, is somewhat common looking in the world of industrial saddletank steam locomotives. Two unique features that I haven’t seen elsewhere, save for the Baldwin builder’s photo that accompanies the review in the April 2002 issue of Model Railroader. Thes featured include the HUGE cab (for the size of the locomotive) and the small coal bunker with the rounded edges. They’re attractive and realistic features, but I think perhaps they’re a touch too unique. (Of course what steam locomotive isn’t unique?)

It’s a somwhat gutless performer, able to haul 6-8 cars on level track, which I suppose for an industrial switcher, isn’t all that bad. It runs smoothly and negotiates tight radius curves and sharp switches just like it’s supposed to. It’s well detailed, although it wouldn’t hurt to add some glass to the cab and add some cosmetic touches like the name of the company on the tank and a good coatof weathering for these are the workaday machines of large early-to-mid twentieth century factories, manufacturing plants, and small industrial railroads.

I weathered mine with arcyllic paints mixed with bradgon enterprises weathering powder, which I mixed into the paint with a touch of water to get a well-mixed natural look and an ultra-flat finish. Mud and rust below the running board is typical of these swtichers which often had to deal with puddles, mud and dirt as they traversed all the winding trackage of the average industrial district.


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  1. Andrew permalink
    December 31, 2008 8:05 pm

    I have a question. Do you have any of these models that you can customize in color?

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