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Start Researching Railroads Today!

September 27, 2008

IF you’re new to the hobby or just getting back into the fascinating world of locomotives, railroads and history, be sure to check out these awesome websites. They are indispensable to the beginner and advanced modeler or historian alike.

To learn all about steam locomotive and find surviving locomotives all ’round the world, look here:

Love geared logging locomotives like the Shay, Heisler and Climax, or want to know what a geared steam locomotive is? Check out  

Switching Locomotives They have some of the most obscure and famous (practically all North American Switchers) listed with photos.

With excellent photos of nearly every type of rolling stock or locomotive pictured somewhere on this extensive site, you can’t help but spend hours looking through all these photos!

Want to learn about the big four locomotive builders? (Baldwin, Lima, ALCo, EMD) or some of the most obscure American and world locomotive companies?

For mainline Diesels, check out the locomotive manufactures listings on Wikipedia (It’s actually a pretty reliable source nowadays)
For GM EMD products, like the SW9, look at the bottom of the page for the manufactured locomotive listing.

If you like those smoky Alco’s check this out!
Or if you’re a Baldwin Fan, check this out.

To research a specific railroad, find the Yahoo! group that corresponds to your favorite railroad and join that. For example the “Espee” group os the better of the two Southern Pacific RR groups, and the ATSF group is the Santa Fe oriented ones.

You can even join a group that talks about modeling a specific industry, like the “Citrus Modelers” yahoo group.

If you want to know accurate information about freight cars, visit these two sites:

Steam Era Freight Car Group:

Modern Freight Car Group:

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  1. Richard Rand permalink
    October 5, 2008 3:04 pm

    I just happened upon your website while searching for more information on the California Southern Railroad. I’m returning to the hobby after a long hiatus. I got interested in the CSR because it ran through my present hometown of Menifee, Ca. I found a trackplan in the August issue of MR that I will slightly modify to use. I did find a timetable that I will use for traffic. Because the CSR never got out of the 19th century, I will use the SD&IY short line colors and loco roster when I get going shortly. The time period can then be from the 1960’s to present.

    Thanks for the site. It is very helpful. It is keeping my interest peaked.

    Rick Rand

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