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Peninsula N trak – San Jose Show 2008

September 29, 2008

I always enjoy seeing the Peninsula N trak group’s setup. I remember seeing it when I want to my first trainshow back in Pleasanton in 1996. The club has grown nicely, and features a collection of visually pleasing modules. There are some exceptional modules, and they’ll be featured here.

First off, the most prototypical and visually impressive module was built by Glen Karcher. This impressive corner module is modeled after Altamont Pass, Ca. in the early 1990’s. These second-generation wind turbines and the distinctive Darrieus wind turbines known as “egg-beaters” to the locals are all scratchbuilt and modeled faithfully in N scale. These turbines have since been removed from altamont pass, and the more traditional propeller turbines are gradually being replaced with larger modern propeller turbines.

darrieus wind turbines

Here’s those distinctive Darrieus wind turbines.

normal wind turbines

Normal Wind Turbines

Sears Catalog Home
Here’s a closeup of the N scale sear’s catalog home built by Don & Carol Carney it has impeccable landscaping, it’s the highlight of the module.

LA river
Crossing the Los Angeles River is an interesting and rarely modeled subject, it was recently displayed at the NMRA Anahiem Convention.

An excellent backdrop makes this beach scene really come to life, I can almost hear the crash of the waves and feel the salt air.

mill pond
The colors are way too intense on this module, but it’s a pleasant addition to the Ntrack setup. A nice mill pod has been created.

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