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Scratchbuilt Victorian Storefront in HO scale

October 19, 2008

This was a project for my Mission Valley & Pacific layout, a nice 1880’s era victorian storefront, now an Italian Bistro. It was built to fit against a backdrop at an odd angle.


The facade was mostly made from Evergreen styrene clapboard, Grandt line windows and an SS ltd. door casting. The cornice was made from thin styrene, applied in layers. Shingles were made from thin strips of masking tape cut into irregular shingles with an Exacto knife.

The roof was made from tissues painted right onto the styrene roof. it absorbs the paint and stick right onto the roof and it looks like tarpaper.


I then went in with a tiny microbrush and added gloss black “tar” seams to the roof. (the roof is painted a flat dark gray with patches of other shades)

The complete structure, with windows, window shades and other details installed.


A closer look at the front and the shingles.

on the layout

Here’s the rear of the building, made from DPM’s “Skip’s Chicken & Ribs” kit, with the facade of that building across the street, awaiting a scratchbuilt back end to fit the backdrop too.

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