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The Mixed Freight – Volume II

November 2, 2008

 bakersfield 2008

This week on the mixed freight, we have an interesting assortment of layout tours, levity and editorials about model railroading that is worthy of sharing. I’m also trying it out on Sunday this time. Let me know if you’re enjoying these “Mixed Freights” and please vote in my polls so I can tailor the information to what you guys want to see. I’d also want to know what day of the week you want to read this post so I can maximize the effect of these articles.

HO scale cotton candy, anyone?

Take a closer look at this impressive HO scale amusement park, it even has a z scale park train encircling the main portion of the park! Most of the rides, buildings and scenery is scratchbuilt, which must have been quite a task!

Visit the North American Prototype Modelers layout in Milwaukee, WI and some of the most impressive mmodeling you’ll see anywhere.


Dare to model the bad neighborhoods, the definition of “wrong side of the tracks” or at least get a taste by visiting this unique layout set in New York City and outlying areas.


Here’s a classic computer animation entitled “Locomotion” done by Pacific Data Imaging in 1989..pretty spectacular animation for 1989! PDI later became Dreamworks.


Yes, most people know the bathroom has good acoustical properties, but do you REALLY have to test your G scale 4-6-6-4 challenger in there? Note the rather insane probably non-code home modification to install the bridge spanning his bathroom, quite frightening. I woudn’t want my trains anywhere near the bathroom, much less precariously perched across the ceiling, with two crude holes cut into the walls on either end.



Claremont, Lewiston & Western Railroad – Amazing HO scale Eastern coal mining/city layout. Impressive scratchbuilt coal mines are the main attraction of the competently built eastern US layout. Reading RR, Leigh Valley and more.

Greeley Freight Station Museum – Stunningly beautiful scenery will blow you away on this Oregon branchline layout, built by a determined club of individuals. They also have a 1:1 Colorado & Southern CB&Q caboose next to this HO layout, cool!

BNSF Chilli Sub – This HO layout has been featured in MR, here’s a more informal tour of this layout from which all modern era railroad layouts should be judged. Careful attention to the prototypes of the BNSF result in an excellent finished work of art.


I’m warning you, you will probably be offended by at least one thing that this extensive (and VERY thought provoking, in numerous positive ways) editorial on the “Sociology of Model Railroading”

This will take a few hours to read, and it’s best if you don’t read it all on one sitting either.


I consider it essential reading for any person who considers themselves to be a “serious” model railroader, it certianly will cause a good deal of self-reflection and provide interesting insight into why there’s always that one weird club member at every Model Railroad club, or how the NMRA really ticks, or what you’d expect to find at your next swap meet.  

Let me know what you think of this contriversal editoral, post a comment below!

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