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The Mixed Freight – Volume III

November 11, 2008

mixed freight

Here’s the third Installment of the popular MIXED FREIGHT. On tuesday, I’ll whip up a tutorial on how to properly terraform a river for your model railroad, but in the meantime, sit back and check out these stories.

How about a REAL railroad that rivals John Allen’s G&D in mountianous scenery?

 the gorge

Check out this series of photographs from the Carrizo Gorge Railway, featuring some spectacular Aerial photography.


Potential NS-BNSF merger?


One favorite site that I periodically visit for is this collection of ATSF themed amusing railroad oddities.



Sergio Milko’s Layout is a fantastic representation of the southern US mainline of the ATSF from 1950-1995. His attention to detail is similar to the great Peter Soderborg.

DRGW in the San Luis Valley
has photo-realistic river crossings (seen here) and a well-developed operating scheme that includes a wye-interchange with the San Luis Central.

The Carrizo Gorge in Miniature!
This spectacular layout is based on the route of the San Diego and Arizona Eastern (Southern Pacific) as it goes from the namesake southern port city over a dangerous mountian pass towards Yuma, AZ and beyond. Here’s a full scale HO model view of the bridge shown above.

Editorial of the Week

Carr Tracks has a wide selection of railfan photo essays worth reading, the photography is great too and compliments the writing well.

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