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What Is the Best Scale for a Christmas Train Set?

December 26, 2008

Top 5 Christmas Layout Scales (1 being the most ideal)

5. LGB- Garden Scale Fun! At 1:29 scale, G scale will cetianly provide a lot of fun on a large scale. You could even put most gifts on the flatcars and gondolas that come with the starter LGB sets! These trains are extremely durable and even capable of being submerged and continue to run flawlessly.

4. O27 Lionel – You can’t have a classic Christmas without a loop of LIONEL encircling the tree. Although unrealistic in every way from the standpoint of a real model railroader, the kids won’t mind as they take the hefty throttle and crank up the speed on powerful diecast 4-6-4 hudsons or streamlined F3 diesels. The wide range of “action cars” that perform some element of animation only helps to increase the fun exponentially. Their legendary durability also help too.

3. On30 is the perfect comprimise of Playable size, prototype accuracy and colorful family fun. Basically,these O scale narrow gauge trains run on HO gauge track! This adds flexibility and fun, as you can operate both scale on the same loop. Bachmann makes some really impressive and affordable equipment that lasts forever and can be used on more serious layouts in the future. They are also about the same scale (1:48) as those ceramic holiday homes that are so popular. This is the fastest growing portion of the hobby and hundreds of brand-new products are coming out in On30 each year since it was formally introduced in 1997.    

2. Lego Trains- Infinite Creativity in a scale that works out to roughly 1:32, which is close to #1 scale. The rebuidable trains add a lot of holiday fun and I really enjoy playing with these reliable, colorful and fun trains.  

1. HO scale- I may be biased, but this is still the perfect comprimise of Scale, durability, and unlike every other scale listed here, inifinite expandibility. 60 years of product development has made HO the scale richest in variety with literally hundreds of thousands of different products to build and play with. Your youngsters will be able to, should they become interested, actually be able to build a fun and realistic looin model railroad that takes up less space then all the previously mentioned scales without being fragile, like N or Z scale.

Gallery of the Scales


G scale

On30 Porter

Lego Trains

HO trains around the tree

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