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What can you do with all the old models?

March 28, 2009

Old AHM, Model Power, Atlas, IHC, Bachmann, Lionel HO, Tyco, Varney & other kit manufacturers aren't the best anymore.

In the mid-1950’s Injection molded plastic ushered in a new era for model companies. They no longer had to deal with stamped metal, wood, and for the most part, no flimsy ZAMAK metal casting. In the next 10 years, Athearn, Globe, Varney, Mantua and other manufacturers would transition into having plastic become their primary model material.
Globe Models and Athearn Boxes the Past meets the Future
Some stalwarts stayed behind in the wood n’ metal years, such as Ulrich, Model Die Casting (MDC Roundhouse), SilverStreak, Ambroid, Northeastern Scale Lumber, Penn Line, Bowser and a handful of others continued to produce metal kits for the modeling market. Some gradually introduced plastic models to compliment their line of products, some closed their doors, and others just continued on producing models.

Either way, millions of models of all types, scales and prototypes were created. Some of them good, some of them terrible, some extremely rare or historic, others much too popular or mass produced for their own good, others that suffer the “sliding scale of degradation”…and there are of course, the greats.

How do you separate the wheat from the chaff though?

In this multi-part series, we’ll discuss what to do with models produced prior to 1980, which are still good models today, and which should be discarded and recyled.

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