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A Superdetailed N Scale Layout

April 2, 2009

At a recent train show I met an excellent modeler, who built everything you see here. He has an amazing eye for detail, and isn’t afraid to kitbash even the most expensive brass locomotive into just what he’s looking for. Gutting Atlas geeps, Intermountain tunnel motors (EMD SD40T-2’s) and completely redetailing them part by part into something really exceptional is his typical way to model. His layout is well-researched and constructed. Although the scenery isn’t completely finished he can teach the average modeler alot about the necessity of important details. He says that “the trick isn’t to put every detail found on the prototype, but certianly enough to make the model unique and recognizable to anyone who might have seen one in person.”

N scale Roundhouse
Not only does he kitbash diesels, he also scratchbuilt accurate telephone and electric poles to serve the roundhouse properly. All the vehicles adhere to a late 1980’s time frame and check out some of the smaller details he’s added to the scene.


Here’s a collection of some of his projects, some finished, some in progress. Each has been disassembled and reassembled to ensure that the major modifications would fit just right. On the right, shop trucks were scratchbuilt for when a locomotive’s trucks are removed and the frame needs to move to another portion of the shop. The oil-stained concrete is always a good touch.

Southern Pacific GP9 with ballast hopper
A heavily kitbashed Southern Pacific rebuilt GP9E rounds the curve with a loaded ballast hopper.

Locomotive servicing facility
The locomotives are serviced out back on the garden tracks. the Pit was made just like the real thing, with board-formed concrete.

SP geep pulls MOW train around the wye
Another fascination of his is Maintenence of Way equipment, and most of his fleet is scratchbuilt or heavily kitbashed using photographs of ATSF and SP subjects as important reference.

GHQ kits with moveable parts
GHQ kits are also a sub-hobby of his, he builds them with all the movable joints and even modifies them as-needed to make them fully posable. N scale vehicle modeling is a pretty exact hobby, and it looks quite impressive when done well.

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  1. Rangachari Anand permalink
    April 2, 2009 11:20 am

    Very inspiring!

  2. April 6, 2009 6:56 pm

    Wow, that’s incredible!

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