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A Railfan Report Special Edition 4/11/09

April 12, 2009

From 4/2/09 – 4/10/09, I took a trip to Forsyth, MT. Railfanning was a major thing on my agenda. I saw trains at several locations such as Nichols Wye, the mainline just west of Forsyth Yard, Greycliff, Bozeman Pass, and Pocatello, ID. Out of all the trains I only saw one UP locomotive, an SD70M working a baretable with a BNSF SD70ACe, I recorded that train from a gas station in Pocatello, ID on a cold, snowy morning. I didn’t see my next train until I got to Forsyth, it was a BNSF manifest at Nichols Wye, and it was doing 60mph at least, that’s why you here me cheering in the video I took of it, that train made a wind storm. The next day I went to a location I discovered just east Forsyth. It is 6 miles out of the yard so the trains are still at speed. I saw two coal trains at that location, one had an SD70ACe leading, and the other had an SD70MAC leading. Both lashups had SD70MAC’s still in Burlington Northern Executive paint, albeit, patched. At Nichols Wye there is a spur to Colstrip, MT, that spur sees one train every few days, I caught empties returning from Colstrip at Nichols Wye, which is the junction between the spur and the BNSF Forsyth Subdivision. I didn’t see anymore trains in Montana until the journey back home. I saw two trains the journey back, one at Greycliff and one on Bozeman Pass. The train at Greycliff was a Montana Rail Link manifest with 2 MRL SD70ACe’s leading, and 3 BNSF locomotives, it was doing at least 40mph. The last train of the trip was on Bozeman Pass, and it was probably the greatest train I have ever seen, it was a westbound grain train lead by 2 BNSF C44-9W’s one in Heritage I paint, and another in Heritage II paint, the mid-train helpers were 3 Montana Rail Link SD70ACe’s, and the DPU was a BNSF C44-9W still in Santa Fe Warbonnet paint. It was a great trip, and I saw some really great trains at some very scenic locations.

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  1. Jason Ormes permalink
    May 11, 2009 5:11 pm

    Those were very cool. Thanks for posting them.

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