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Battle of the Brands: HO models

April 12, 2009

Battle of the Brands: HO models

When any beginning modeler walks into a hobb shop, he’s assaulted by the selection of HO products. Literally hundreds of thousands of items to choose from (just look at a walther’s catalogue to see what I mean, and that’s not ALL of the HO products available either.)

This isn’t a smarmy “well I think this brand is better because I like it more” this series aims to be based through somewhat scientific, artistic and historic research. No model is perfect, but some are “more perfect” than others in numerous ways:

-Model Injection Molding Detail
-Prototype Fidelity
-Build Quality and Parts designed to fit well together
-Paint and lettering quality and sharpness
-Whether the Prototype Model created is actually useful to an average modeler, and what percentage of oddball models the manufacturer creates.
-If they produce kits, are they easy to build? How about repair?
-For locomotives how well is the drive train designed?
-Are the materials used to build the model durable and of good quality?
-Is the model manufacturer listening to the modeling community?
-How expansive is their model collection?
-Do they do short runs of products or produce things for years?
-How available is their product on a well-stocked hobby shop?

-Finally, is the products the company manufacturers fun? Does it capture your imagination?

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  1. railfanhunter permalink
    June 24, 2009 4:52 pm

    You know, out of all the train collectors out there, the wierdest ones I’ve seen are the TYCO collectors, because TYCO really doesn’t have that much value, even today.

  2. railfanhunter permalink
    June 24, 2009 4:55 pm

    I believe the best beginner sets are any of the regular Life-Like sets, they are inexpensive, reliable, and easy to expand.

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