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A Railfan Report Special Edition 4/20/09

April 20, 2009

On 4/19/09 I visited Roseville for their centennial celebration. There was a magnificent display of locomotives and cars on display at the celebration, probably the best I’ve seen.

SP Power Collage


Union Pacific 4-8-4 FEF-3 844
Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACe 1983
Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACe 1996
Southern Pacific E9A 6051
A Southern Pacific Rotary
Two Union Pacific Genset Switchers
Two Union Pacific GP38-2s
Union Pacific GEVO 7909

Note from Hunter, who was on the scene at Roseville Railroad Days:

When I went to see the cab of 844, I dropped my camera from 10ft. but it still works. 844 Only blew her whistle once, and at closing time she blew off some smoke. All and all it was an exciting event and I had a great time.

Here’s the story from Kevin’s POV:

He started high up in Donner Pass capturing the 844 and other freight trains and chased it down the sierras into Roseville, amazingly there was still snow on the ground in some parts.

Quartet of Dash9-44CW's two old Espee units among them on the point, one midtrain.
Before the arrival of 844, he witnessed a quartet of Dash9-44CW’s two of which were old Espee “speedlettered” units on the point, one midtrain, along with the usual sea of UP yellow.

GE Dash 9

The arrival of 844 was a welcome sight, as seen here from across the river.
844 over donner pass

Here’s a more dramatic photo of FEF-3 class 844 rounding the curve.
FEF stands for Four-Eight-Four (4-8-4 is the whyte notation for this type of wheel arrangement)

844 4-8-4 in the snow
Here’s a great photo of it coasting downgrade in the snow…

844 being lubed.
The huge Union Pacific steamer needs all of her parts running smoothly, so the crew runs around to grease all the moving parts on the frame and siderods.

The future of US railroading, the GENSET switcher
The future of US railroading, the GENSET switcher was on display at Roseville, along with the aforementioned locomotives. Overall it was quite a show.

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