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Interacting with Miniature Railroading Turns 1!

April 21, 2009

Well, it’s been 365 days from the first post on “Interacting with Miniature Railroading.” Last year was an astounding success!

One Year of Interacting with Miniature Railroading

Where it came from:

Originally I developed Interacting with Miniature Railroading as a way to document the railroading action at Tilden Park’s Redwood Valley 15″ gauge 5″ scale live steam operation, mostly in photographs. However when I thought about expanding to other railroad topics I knew I needed a dedicated website for this, and on April 21, 2008 the website was launched. Since then the site has stirred up discussion on a wide variety of topics, everything from modern railfanning to early steam modeling. The top 3 most talked about posts last year were about:
1. Are Bachmann Spectrum Locomotives and Good? Which was written mainly so I wouldn’t have to encounter the endless quandary new modelers have about their products, there used to be a forum thread opened every week about this question, and I hoped dispel the rumors and stigma that used to surround Bachmann.

2. My Water modeling series has proved very popular, I hope to see the results of my article in future model railroad layouts, and hopefully a shift from blue to a muted green as the ideal river and shallow water color (as it should be) and have people pay more attention to what their riverbeds look like.

3. It seems my “Modeling Gaffe” series has stirred up a lot of interesting forum discussion, with more than one forum running discussions close to 10 pages in length, and more on other forums.

Ever wonder what kind of traffic this site gets? Here it is!
Over 100,000 visits

Nearly 120,000 visits by interested modelers, I’m VERY pleasantly surprised. Traffic started to take off in July and has remained pretty steady since, of which I’m glad.

197 posts isn’t too bad for an average blogger, which comes to about one post every two days and most of those were tutorials or historical information as opposed to just normal commentary that you’d find on other blogs.


Look at those averages! I never thought it would become this popular, but it has and it continues to grow today, I wonder what next year’s numbers will tell us?

I'll see you down the mainline for our next year.

Cheers to a year well done, I’ll see you down the mainline for our next year! Just wait to see what articles I have in store for you!

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  1. April 22, 2009 3:15 am

    Well congratulations on your one year milestone. I hope to see many great things on here in the future. Keep it going strong and don’t forget about some of those projects that you started. But as I know all too well, working on projects and writing posts take a hefty chunk of time.

    Again, congrats.

  2. Chuffing Hog permalink
    April 22, 2009 7:59 pm

    Happy birthday from England. The issues that you raise about modelling in the USA are almost exactly the same as those tat we see on layouts here.

    Long may you keep on “Interacting” with us.

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