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Layout Tour: S Scale Masterpiece

April 21, 2009

Ed Loiseaux's S Scale New York Central Valley Division

The work of a dedicated group of modelers working closely together to build one layout can either fail miserably, or be a breathtaking success. Ed Loiseaux’s spectacular New York Central Valley Division is certianly the latter. Tucked away in the hills south of San Francissco, Ed’s S scale layout is located in an unobstructed 20X30 foot room in his home. You have to cross a japanese looking water feature on stepping stones to reach his layout, then dive under a duckunder to then be surrounded by the magnificence of S scale.

New York Central S scale layout

The small group of modelers that work on Ed’s layout have created a wide variety of scenes. He has not only a great depiction of Upstate new york, but a sizeable corner of his layout has an S scale version of the Westside Lumber Company in there for variety. His backdrops are painted by a local professional backdrop painter who has done quite a few local model railroad backdrops. The seamless quality from the front of the layout to the painted backdrops really give the illusion of depth and don’t break your sense of modeled reality that bare or cluttered walls give you.

S scale refinery

Each industry on the layout is well planned and executed. There is an oil refinery in one corner, on the opposite side of the room is a large coal mine, with the Lumber mill and Waterfall/Dam Scene occupying the other two corners. He is one of the few modelers who actually (and realistically) decided to model a dam, and it’s quite spectacular!

S Scale Dam and huge steel bridge

The rock work and scenery all across the layout was done with extreme care and attention to detail, period detais from the 1940’s abound with not only period vehicles, but street signs, industrial details, and of course an impeccable roster of postwar equipment.

S Scale enginehouse

It seems like the roster comprises a good mix of plastic kits and brass locomotives, although I’m not entirely sure. Almost all of his freight cars are nicely detailed and some are lightly weathered.
Brass S Scale RS-3

Depot in New York S scale layout

His depot structures are centerpiece scenes anchoring the middle of each part of the layout.

Montclaire Depot

When the lights dim for night operation another world unfolds full of neon signs and lighted structures..

S Scale city at night

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Nick permalink
    July 5, 2010 10:51 pm

    where did he get the S Scale Refinery?

  2. July 11, 2012 2:14 pm

    How about an airport? Would love to see a Delta C&S DC6-, Lufthansa Junkers 52 and American Airlines dc-3 there, mate! Great job, through!!

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