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Layout Tour: Westside Lumber Company in Sn3

May 5, 2009

Westside Lumber Company in Sn3

Tucked away in a corner of Ed Loiseaux’s spectacular New York Central Valley Division is a rather anomolous addition: A taste of the Westside Lumber Company of Sonora, Calif. It’s a fairly generic depection of a lumber mill scene using some amazing scratchbuilding skills to create a believable Lumber mill. Around the sawmill structure is a plethorea of scratchbuilt auxiliary buildings and platforms.

Lumber Mill Sn3

A closer view of the lumber mill reveals interesting details. A brass Sn3 DRGW switcher works the plant.

Sn3 logging layout

It all starts up at the lumber camp high in the mountains where flatcars and logging skeleton cars are loaded with lumber…

Sn3 Log Dump
They Travel to the sawmill’s log pond and are dumped into the pond with a spectacular splash!

Sn3 branchline on an S scale layout

The lumber is cut to size at the mill, then taken a short distance via flatcar to the transloading dock, which loads the lumber onto standard gauge flatcars which are pushed to the local interchange by a Heisler geared steamer.

Sn3 Heisler sits in Locomotive Shed

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