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SVLS Spring Meet 2009

May 19, 2009

From 5/16/09 – 5/17/09 RailfanHunter’s club, the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers (SVLS, had the annual spring meet. This year was one of the rare occasions that the steam locomotives actually outnumbered the diesels! I also had my first steam locomotive operating experience when I got to opertate a 9-car Southern Pacific Daylight consist. I spent most of my time operating the club’s SW1500, it is my favorite locomotive on the club’s roster. I would say I spent a good 6 hours operating the SW1500, over the 2-day period. Of course you still need time to BS with the other guys, and I did that too. one of the funnest things that I have ever done at the club also occured during this meet, when I and three other people operated a 26-car train, and each of us worked a different part of it. I got to work the end of the train. When almost everybody went home, I had the task of collecting all of the club owned freight cars, and switched tham back into storage.

All and all it was a very fun weekend, and I can’t wait for the fall meet.

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