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Building a Structure from SPACE!

May 29, 2009


Ok, so at least by using a satelite view and an isometric view using Google Earth and Windows Live Local, respectively.

For my Richmond Pacific Rail Corporation layout I needed a scale model of Manson Dredging’s maintenence building to sit on my water front. I’m roughly modeling Lauritzen Channel of which the RPRC railroad servicing facility is on one side and the Manson Dredging company sits on the other.

It’s a fairly unremarkable single story building that has two major parts, a medium sized warehouse portion and the larger storage building attached perpendicularly to the warehouse. (It has the angled hip roof)

Using Google Maps, I got a good clear view of the channel:

Google Maps View

Then I went over to Window’s Live Local to get some isometric angular views…

Windows Live Local

I got these by clicking on the Bird’s eye button.

Windows Live Local Birds Eye View

Since this is N scale, I had to purchase some Gloor craft windows to suit the building, and everything had to be scratchbuilt from evergreen styrene. The horizontal windows are from an HO scale AHM firehouse kit and the steel roll-up doors are from micro engineering, as is the normal doors.

First wall up

What I didn’t realize until I finished the first wall is that you don’t need to cut holes in the walls for the Micro-Engineering roll up doors! Oh well, It worked just fine anyhow..

Longer storage bldg

After carving out the holes I actually needed for the doors and windows, I built the rest of the wall, remember that the building butts into the medium sized warehouse.


Knowing that I didn’t have to cut holes for the doors, the rol up doors were glued in place without any problems. I still need to add the windows on the other two walls though.

Building sitting on it's future site.
Here’s a view of it sitting on the channel, just like in the satelite photos.

Stay tuned for Part TWO!~

(For those interested in actually following this buildng It’s already complete, so you can follow the build with confidence as I post it!)

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  1. May 29, 2009 1:41 pm

    Windows Live and Google Satellite views are awesome. I also use the “My Maps” on Google Maps to measure distances of things, makes it a little easier to get correct dimensions or understand a yard track was only 1500 feet when I may have thought it was a 1/2 to 1 mile long. I use them all for things like that.

  2. May 29, 2009 8:29 pm

    Looks great Miles, I didn’t know that you were working on an N scale project like this.


  1. PART 2- The Manson Dredging Warehouse in N Scale « Interacting with Miniature Railroading

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