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PART 2- The Manson Dredging Warehouse in N Scale

May 30, 2009

Now as you may remember from the First Part of this article, we are using Windows Live lLocal and Google Maps side-by-side to aid in modeling a rather unremarkable, but essential structure for my Richmond Pacific Rail Corp. N scale model railroad. The railroad itself is a 2X4 Switching layout featured in this previous article.


So, now that we’ve built the walls, it’s time for their first layer of paint and a roof!


The Roof over the warehouse is pretty straightforward, Just 0.40 styrene measured and laid onto the angled walls. The ridge of the roof will have a tinfoil cap to make laying the tarpaper easier and make it look more realistic in the end.

Building a hip roof for a model

Building a hip roof is a completely different challenge though. You could use a lot of geometry to make it completely precise, which I would recommend if you’re capable of such feats, but here’s a simple way to do it.

This first step has you make a sturdy flat roof placed flush with the top of the walls to act as a base for the angular sections. (Note that this method is simple and won’t offer interior roof detail, obviously.) Then I stacked two large pieces of balsa wood and cut the roof angles (usually 25-50 degrees) with my razor saw and then proceeded to the next step.

Rough framing for hip roof model

I then added some large roof trusses and angled them off the main beam to the edges of the walls. The corner posts are VERY tricky and will take some experimentation to get a nice flat posts for the angled roof surface to adhere to.

Roof surface

Next, using thin sheet balsa (I would have preferred to use Basswood sheet, which is not only thinner, but better looking and more realistic) I cut out shapes for the roof.


I then gave the roof a base coat of black to give the scale tarpaper something to adhere to along with the glue and provide some opacity. The final roof color will be a much lighter gray, to match the actual color.

Stay Tuned for Part 3, Tarpaper, Weathering, and Final details.

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  1. June 23, 2009 1:48 pm

    Eagerly tuned in for part 3!

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